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About M-teeth

Company Introduction:

Founded in 2015, M-teeth is a fast developing company focusing on designing and marketing oral-care products. We focus on promoting healthy oral-care lifestyle and sharing oral health related knowledges to more people. Our vision is not limited to presenting our customer with high-quality oral-care products, but also increasing the public awareness of oral health protection with social media content. M-teeth always seek to design and publish more high quality and easy to use oral-care products for our customers.


Quality is always the most important. We put our best effort to make sure our products are well made and last longer than what our customers expected. We always choose the top factories to manufacture our products, most of them produce the same if not better quality compare with industry leading brands. 


M-teeth believes that the best way to advertise is to let a person you familiar with to tell their experience. We value influencer's ability to gain and maintain their fan base and share opinions.

We also regularly publish our own articles related to oral-care issues and concerns over blogs and social media platforms. M-teeth believes that a good brand should help people solve issues at any time, instead of heavily investing on before-sale marketing.


If you have any concerns regarding your oral-health conditions, our company, or if you wish to work with us about any projects, you can contact us using the contact form. You can also contact our office directly at address listed down below:


Mainland China:

Ningbo Jianmeng International Trade Co., Ltd.

Room 6-26-180,
No. 673 Jiangnan Road,Gaoxin District,
Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. 315000
Tel: +8618969412803

United States:

Mteeth Inc.

790 E Colorado Blvd Suite 900,
Pasadena, California
United States, 91101
Phone number: +1(360) 578-9014