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About the Loyalty Program:

Thank you very much for supporting M-teeth!

To thank our early supports, M-teeth will provide a VIP membership for anyone who purchased our sonic electric toothbrush and water flossers before M-teeth one-year anniversary (birthday).

The VIP programs contains 4 major benefits and several other benefits.

Please be noted that, you can end your VIP membership at any time. We will provide direct customer serves with the founders, huge vip discounts and find more details down below.

Main Benefits

Early Access and Lottery

M-Teeth want to share the happiness when we can deliver a new product to our VIP members. You can get a discount on the latest product before they are even published. Free products will be given out to the luckiest ones.

Direct Customer Service with Founders

Answer any questions and concerns of yours by the founders with M-Teeth. Listen to your suggestions. Make friends with you. Be the brand that knows you the best.

Birthday Discounts and Buy one get one free

Happy birthday! M-Teeth likes to celebrate your most important day with you. A huge discount coupon will be provided to you, and you buy one box of brush heads and get two boxes instead!

50% Discount for Returning Your Old Models after two years

Since we recycle our product for environment-protection reasons, we will provide a 50% discount coupon on any product after receiving the old product from our VIP members.

*** Please note that we will help recycle the old product for everyone. The discount coupon will only be provided to VIP members.

How to Become a VIP member

M-teeth Offciail Website :

Placing an order over $30 on the official website with an account will automatically become M-teeth VIP members.

Amazon :

You have to place an order (except the brush heads) on our amazon store to be a VIP member. Specific Details: Click Here

Other Benefits

Notification on Brush-Heads Replacement 

Always forget how long you have been using your bristles? Do you know the dentist suggest replacing your brush heads at least every three months? Do not worry anymore. We will send out notifications and discounts on our brush heads causally. 

M-Teeth Daily Care Articles 

Delivering a high-quality electric toothbrush is not enough to protect your oral condition. M-Teeth also likes to share the knowledge we have. Want to know how to brush your teeth properly? Anything you need will be in the article.

Discount Notification

Want a water flosser after getting an electric toothbrush? Worry about getting a good gift for your loved ones? Sure thing! We will not let our VIP members miss any discount chance. 


Q: How do I redeem my VIP benefits (Birthday discount and gift)?

A: We are currently working on an automated redeem system. Before that, we will manually handle your redeem requests for now. Please fill this Form.

Q: Can I become a VIP member if I purchase your product on Amazon? 

A: Sure, please copy the order number and follow the guideline in the M-teeth official website.

Q: When you say early supporters, is there a deadline for this?

A: Yes! Currently, we are only providing the VIP membership to customer who support us in the first year. Even we publish other VIP program in the future, we will make sure the early supporters get the most benefits.  

Q: How do I read the articles?

A: You will get a notification when each article is published through email. If you do not want to receive such emails, you can get on our official website to read these articles.

Q: Can I unsubscribe the VIP?

A: There are major benefits and optional benefits. If you do not want to be disturbed, you can just cancel all the optional benefits. If you want to end the VIP program, please get on our VIP detail page for more information.

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